Chimney Varieties

Most chimneys are fabricated in following two types:

  • Masonry fireplaces
  • Prefabricated fireplaces

This article lists the different varieties of chimneys along with the different caps used with these chimneys.

Masonry Chimneys:

Whenever you hear the term “fireplace” or “chimney”, a masonry fireplace is the first picture popping into your mind. Their basic building blocks are stones or bricks along with mortar. They have a pleasant appearance and can be taken care for easily. Their construction is done on-site and is commonly seen in many houses. The firebox of masonry chimneys is made up of yellowish firebrick, and above roof section is of red brick.

Masonry chimneys are heavy. Their weight lies in the range of 6 to 7 tonnes. Owing to their heavy weight, they need wide footings to support them. If such footings are not provided to the chimneys, the fireplaces can undergo shift and crash resulting in dreadful situations. In such a situation, the flames could start coming to your house instead of going out. It is advisable to check your chimney periodically even if it has been provided with proper footing. Chimney cleaning is the task that we can’t avoid. For this purpose, hire chimney sweep Seattle and also masonry repair is followed from time to time.


  • Masonry Chimney with Flue:


A masonry chimney can be accompanied by multiple numbers of flues lined with clay. Each flue provides provision to one appliance e.g. a furnace, woodstove, fireplace, etc. if you have a masonry chimney with a single flue and you need more than one appliance to provide evacuation too, the multi-flue cap is the solution to our problem. We may use following caps for masonry chimney with flue:

      • Single Flue Cap
      • Decorative Shroud
      • Chimney Champion
      • Clay Chimney Pot
      • Copper Pot
      • Chimney damper



  • Masonry Chimney with no Flue:


Masonry chimneys with no flues are also available. Such chimneys are capped using either a multi-flue cap or by either a single flue cap with escalating supports. Both of these caps are known to provide the sufficient safety needed to your chimney. Several other caps used with this chimney are following:

      • Cap and Damper
      • Single Flue Cap
      • Decorative Shroud
      • Chimney Champion-Hip and ridge


Prefabricated Chimneys:

Prefabricated chimneys first arose to the picture in 1980’s. They are manufactured in factories. Prefabricated fireplaces have metal chimneys along with metal fireboxes which are very light in weight. Firebox is manufactured of cast refractory panels. Fireplace and chimneys are built independently, but they both are engineered to work dependently. These chimneys are a little difficult to install. They are installed according to the proper specifications provided to the installer of the Chimney. There should be a proper distance between wood and chimney so that wood won’t catch fire. They get damaged even by a very small chimney fire. Therefore regular cleaning is required for proper functioning of chimneys without any disaster. That’s why chimney repair is followed from time to time. They are exposed to wear out even if they are provided with the best maintenance. For this purpose, hire chimney sweep Seattle.

Following types are commonly available of prefabricated chimneys:


  • Metal Roof Top Chimney:


This prefabricated chimney has a metal pipe that extends through your roof and exhausts the unwanted gases out of your house into the air. Such a chimney does not need a flue liner, and it can be connected to one appliance only at a time. That’s why modern houses have several steel pipes being projected outside the house. These chimneys require special chimney caps to operate properly. Some of the caps used are following:

      • Vacu-Stack Cap
      • Home Saver Cap
      • Weather Shield Cap
      • Chimney Surround



  • Metal with Chase Chimney:


These prefabricated chimneys are often known as “stick chimneys”. They have a chimney siding on it. If you are using this chimney, make sure that you also use chase cover on the chimneys as it prevents water from entering into your home. Caps used for metal with chase chimney are following:

      • Chase Cover
      • Weather Shield Cap
      • Home Saver Cap
      • Decorative Shroud
      • Vacu-Stack Cap



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