Chimneys are made to heat up the house. It’s a fireplace where we burn wood or coal to keep houses warm. There is this frame in which fire is burned accompanied by a square shaped tunnel aka chimney leading straight to the roof. When the fire burns, it means it’s going to leave smoke residues and soot in the chimney that is needed to be cleaned as soon as possible. Because if not cleaned the soot formed becomes flammable with time and catches flame, which sets the whole house or building on fire. So it is extremely vital that one must clean their chimney now and then.

In early 1800’s the chimneys were cleaned by Chimney Cleaners also called the chimney sweeps all around the world including the US. Chimney Sweeps Seattle to be more specific is going to be our major concern here. These Chimney Sweeps were either very lean adults, or they had apprentices. These apprentices were children starting from the age of four and so on. Children i.e. chimney boys or girls being thin and small could easily crawl their way up the chimney via propelling themselves through knees and elbows and would do chimney cleaning and chimney repair. There used to be a specific technique that was used to be taught by their masters otherwise they could get stuck in the tunnel with the danger of dying. This was supposed to be a very dangerous and extremely hard task, as many kids got stuck in the chimney and suffocated to death or even caught fire in the process of Chimney Cleaning and Chimney Repair. Moreover, the children also caught Chimney soot cancer because the soot inside the chimneys is carcinogenic.

This whole endeavour was getting so dangerous that governments passed laws against the whole system and by late 1800’s tools like brush were invented to clean chimneys. Age was restricted to the chimney boys and girls; the chimneys were made in a way that they had less 90°turns and were build straight. With these actions been taken the Chimney Cleaners ran out of business. It was already low paid, and difficult job but all these reforms made it more difficult to earn. So gradually, only adults started to clean chimneys.

The Chimney Sweep Seattle are well trained and are well aware of the carbon mono-oxide and soot deposits in the chimney so their work is more professional than in the past. There are proper tools and brushes invented, and with proper use of chemicals, chimneys can be cleaned without any hazardous effects or danger of catching fire. Most chimneys are cleaned from the bottom rather than from top to avoid the mess. Nowadays, Chimney Sweep Seattle is trained to not only clean the chimneys but also repair the firebox, damper, smoke chamber. Some tasks are still very difficult like flue and crown fixing, relining of the chimney, the rebuilding of chimneys and crowns of chimneys and masonry repair. The professionals of Chimney Sweep Seattle are certified either from Chimney Safety Institute of America or Certified Chimney Professionals. The Organisations like Chimney Safety Institute of America and The National Chimney Sweep Guild are established to keep the system running with a regular check. The Chimney Cleaners are accustomed to retake tests of Chimney Cleaning and Masonry repair after every three years. It is still low paid and difficult job so we must respect the Chimney Cleaners.


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